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So you’ve just joined Omegle’s “hidden cam” community and are curious about what goes on in the parlors and behind the scenes. There are some great information resources for you to research, but the question remains: how do I know who’s a legitimate hidden cam customer and who’s not?

Take your time to investigate the people

Take your time to investigate the people

It’s a good idea to take your time to investigate the people you’re communicating with. Not only can you be faced with spam messages, you also may be accused of something you didn’t even do. Here are a few things to watch out for.

You can’t simply assume that the guy or gal whose profile you’ve “liked” is a legit Omegle hidden cam massage parlor. Don’t be too quick to “like” someone just because he or she looks promising. Let the likes “feed the traffic” – that’s all it takes!

It doesn’t make sense to add somebody to your friends list just because you find them a friendly background. You might as well send them flowers. You can’t take it back if the guy or gal you like turns out to be a scammer.

If you do come across a guy or gal you want to spend time with, a potential hidden cam customer, and you find that they’re listed as a spammer, go ahead and block them. Don’t share any personal information with anyone at the start.

Get a more accurate picture of their real-life capabilities

Get a more accurate picture of their real-life capabilities

Find a reputable review site and fill out a report about the scammer’s profile. Take care to consider his or her interests, hobbies, and past relationships. Use a mix of “like” and other types of feedback to get a more accurate picture of their real-life capabilities.

You’ll learn if the person being targeted has had any scammer’s activities noted online. Find out if they’ve been mentioned in a scam news site or blog. These sites will give you an idea of whether they’re a bad person.

Any reports from the scammer’s emails should also be reviewed. You’ll learn if the person has made any negative statements about Omegle itself. If they have, and if they’re still using it, have them removed from your friends list.

Omegle’s privacy policy applies to everyone’s dealings with the site. You can see if any friends you’ve “liked” have registered with Omegle under false pretenses. Keep in mind that these people may be doing work for Omegle too, and if they are, they should be investigated.

Exists to help people meet one another

Exists to help people meet one another

You should also monitor your own profile to make sure that you’re not offering any Omegle hidden cam massage services. Look for any ads that indicate that you’re a legit massage parlor and stop them immediately.

In addition, you should be suspicious of any customers who offer you their personal information. You should always check to see if the customer name on the customer’s profile matches the name on your business license or some other “third party” document. People who are trying to scam you will usually give you their full names.

Legit massage parlors aren’t difficult to spot. The Omegle program exists to help people meet one another. Don’t let unscrupulous people take advantage of that fact by trying to make money from others.

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